Tooth Extractions in Tampa, FL

Tooth Extractions in Tampa, FL

Dentists try their best to preserve your natural teeth using every treatment method possible. However, during some instances, they wouldn't be left with any other option but to extract your tooth.

A dental extraction is a method of removing a broken or decayed tooth entirely from its socket. Sometimes, a tooth is also extracted to make space for the movement of the teeth before installing braces, or when a person suffers from impacted wisdom teeth.

When is an extraction required?

Cavities: Improper cleaning of the teeth results in the accumulation of bacteria and plaque on them. When they stay on the teeth for a long span of time, they erode the enamel and cause cavities. We will try to remove the decay, treat the tooth, and apply a filling to restore it. However, when the extent of decaying is severe, it will have to be removed to avoid the infection from reaching the other teeth.

Broken/Fractured teeth: An injury to the mouth could result in a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth. When the extent of damage is less, such as minor chipping or small cracks, it can be restored with the help of bonding, veneers, or crowns. But when it is severely damaged, it could lead to further infections. Hence, it is best to extract such teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth: Sometimes, the wisdom teeth refuse to erupt normally, causing severe pain in the jaws. They could lead to infections if not treated immediately. Hence, impacted wisdom teeth will have to be removed.

Orthodontic treatment: Dental braces and Invisalign are orthodontic appliances used to treat a malocclusion. They move the teeth to their ideal positions by gently applying pressure on them. But for the teeth to move, additional space should be available. In order to create the space required, one or more teeth will have to be removed.

Milk teeth: Very often, the milk teeth refuse to fall off, blocking the permanent teeth from erupting. This could lead to 'crooked' teeth, and hence, the milk teeth will have to be extracted before the permanent teeth erupt.

How is an extraction performed?

An extraction is performed in our office to make your experience as pleasant as possible. First, the dentist would carefully analyze the tooth that is to be extracted. Local anesthesia will be administered to numb the surrounding area. A mild sedative can be suggested if you feel anxious during the procedure.

Extracting a tooth is one of the most straightforward dental procedures. The tooth is gripped with the help of dental forceps. Next, the dentist gently jerks it to loosen it from the socket. The tooth is pulled off clean at once, and you wouldn't experience any pain. Many patients who get their teeth extracted say that they felt a slight pressure while the tooth is being removed, but no pain at all.

Post extraction care

As you would be under the influence of anesthesia, it is best to have someone drive you home. The dentist will suggest an antibiotic to prevent any infection from the extraction site. Consumption of hot and spicy foods and beverages, smoking cigarettes, and chewing food near the extraction site should be avoided. Instead, one should eat soft and cold foods until the wound heals.

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