In house and take home whitening in Tampa, FL

In house and take home whitening in Tampa, FL

Teeth whitening is a highly sought-after cosmetic dental treatment used to remove the stains from the teeth surfaces. While there are quite a few different teeth whitening methods, the two most prominent ones are in-house conventional whitening and using take-home whitening trays.

What is an in-house whitening?

As the name suggests, in-house whitening or conventional teeth whitening is the whitening procedure that is carried out within a dental practice. When you visit our office, we will conduct a thorough diagnosis to determine the severity of staining and the various factors affecting it. Also, the presence of restorations, cavities, tartar deposits, gum diseases, etc. can negatively affect teeth whitening.

The whitening gel contains Hydrogen peroxide. It is a bleaching chemical used in almost all types of teeth whitening gels. The dentist will thoroughly clean the teeth, place a rubber dam to cover the gums and root structures and apply the whitening gel on the teeth. It is evenly spread so that you can have a uniform degree of whitening throughout. The gel liberates oxygen molecules that enter the porous structure of the enamel and thoroughly bleach the staining particles. The gel can be rinsed off after a few minutes, and the procedure may be repeated if you prefer a higher level of whitening.

What is take-home whitening?

If you wish to whiten your teeth while comfortably resting in your house, you can opt for take-home whitening trays. When you visit our dental practice for a consultation, the dentist will examine your oral cavity and determine your candidacy for the whitening treatment. Digital scans of the teeth will be taken and used to fabricate customized plastic trays that perfectly fit your teeth.

You can take them home along with a dentist-prescribed whitening gel. Brush and floss thoroughly before using the whitening system. Squeeze a small amount of gel into each compartment of the tray and spread it evenly. Place the aligners on your teeth and let them be for a few minutes. The aligners will be fabricated in such a way that they prevent the saliva from coming in contact with the gel, and also keep the gel from reaching the gums. This method renders better results because the trays hold the gel in continuous contact with the teeth. You may repeat the procedure multiple times a week until you achieve the desired level of whitening.

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