General Dentistry in Tampa, FL

General Dentistry in Tampa, FL

General dentistry is the reason behind your long-term dental health. It is the foundation of a dental practice that offers comprehensive dental services from providing dental cleanings to periodontal therapy; general dental care helps in keeping the teeth and gums healthy. By maintaining a comfortable and healthy oral foundation, you can significantly avoid the risk of having any complex restorative treatment.

What are the procedures in general dentistry?

There is a wide range of treatments and procedures in the field of general dentistry that helps in maintaining the stability and health of your teeth and gums by preventing or risking any complex dental problems in the future. The procedures are as follows:

Dental cleanings and exams: These are the primary preventive activities that a dentist performs as part of their hygiene visit. You need to regularly visit the dentist as it will help in monitoring your oral health and intercepting developing problems. The dentist might also give personalized recommendations that you need to follow as part of home oral hygiene.

Dental fillings: The fillings are either made of composite resin or porcelain that can be adjusted according to the color of natural teeth. Composite resin, a versatile material, is used as fillings as they can be used to fix issues, like filling tooth cavities, cracked teeth, or excessive wear due to teeth grinding. Porcelain fillings provide long-lasting results and are incredibly durable. 

Periodontal therapy: If bacteria start growing in your mouth, it can lead to periodontal disease or gum disease. Periodontics is the specialized treatment and diagnosis for periodontal disease. The most commonly used periodontal treatments are gum grafting, laser gum surgery, root planing, and scaling. There is another primary treatment called osseous surgery performed by a periodontist.

Root canal: A root canal is usually recommended when you have severe tooth decay, infection, or damage and to avoid any tooth loss.

Sedation Dentistry: Sedation dentistry provides medications that can make you feel relaxed while being in the dentist's chair for your dental exam or procedure by minimizing your anxiety. 

Tooth extractions: In tooth extraction, the decayed or damaged tooth is extracted, if repairing it is just not possible. Sometimes, in order to carry out some other treatment, the tooth is removed.

General dental services can take care of your overall dental health. It is advised to seek a dental examination once every six months to keep track of your oral health.

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