Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Jan 30 2022, 08:29 AM

Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures improve the general appearance of your gums, teeth, and overall smile. Many times, cosmetic dentistry overlaps with restorative dentistry to improve the functionality of your teeth as well as their aesthetic.

When you visit our clinic in Tampa, Florida, for cosmetic dental procedures, the dentist will start by examining your mouth. We may also take X-rays to get a clear picture of your dental concerns. After that, the dentist will customize your treatment plan that may include procedures like teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, bonding, and others. 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Our in-office professional whitening treatments remove intrinsic and extrinsic stains and brighten the color of your teeth by up to eight shades in one dental visit. 

Dental Veneers 

Veneers are thin shells made using porcelain or resin. We use them to cover the visible surface of your teeth and hide imperfections after removing a small layer of the tooth enamel. Veneers are ideal for changing the shape, size, length, and color of your teeth. We recommend this procedure for cracked or broken teeth, gapped teeth, unevenly shaped or crooked teeth. 


Bonding is used to fix decayed, chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth. For this procedure, the dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to your teeth, shapes it, and then hardens it using ultraviolet light. 

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. The dentist inserts a titanium stud into your jawbone, which acts as the replacement tooth root. Once healed, it serves as a supporting structure for a dental crown that completes the restoration. 

Dental Crowns 

Crowns restore the structure of decayed or damaged teeth. They are made from ceramic, metal, porcelain fused to metal, and other materials. 

Why Should I Opt for Cosmetic Dentistry? 

  • Cosmetic dental procedures are affordable and fast 
  • They restore the shape, size, appearance, as well as the functionality of your teeth 
  • They are minimally invasive 
  • Their results are efficient and long-lasting
  • The restorations blend in with your natural teeth 
  • Cosmetic dental procedures also improve the functionality and strengthen the structure of your teeth 
  • They help maintain your long-term oral health 
  • Cosmetic dental procedures also improve your quality of life. 

To find out more about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, contact Flex Dental in Tampa, FL. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Gubernick, call (813) 999-1092, book online, or visit us at 310 S Dale Mabry Hwy Suite#120, Tampa FL 33609.

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