What Are the Different Types of Floss?

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Mar 15 2022, 05:32 AM

What Are the Different Types of Floss?

Flossing is important for maintaining your oral health. It removes debris from teeth that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. There are different types of floss that fit different people’s unique needs. Let’s explore some common types of floss that help you choose the right one for you:

Unwaxed Floss

This is one of the most common types of dental floss used. Unwaxed floss is made of thin strands of nylon. It does not contain any artificial flavor and is free from chemicals. If you have tight teeth, then it’s better to use unwaxed floss. As it is made of thin nylon material, it can easily glide between your teeth. 

Its benefits include easy-grip, fitting perfectly in tight spaces, and being suitable for people with tight teeth. But as it’s not sturdy, the strands may fray or break easily. 

Waxed Floss

Waxed floss is also a common floss that’s preferred by many. These are made of nylon strands which are coated with a thin layer of wax to increase their durability. So, when used in tight spots it won’t shred or break easily. 

Unlike unwaxed floss, the waxed floss cannot reach the extra tight space between your teeth. Due to the extra wax coating, it’s hard to glide into such spots. So, if you have tight teeth, then it’s better not to choose a waxed floss. 

Flavored and Unflavored Floss

Just like the mint-flavored toothpaste that most people prefer, you can also get flavored floss. A fresh minty flavor or cinnamon flavor will make you feel fresh and leave a good taste in your mouth. If it’s hard to make your children floss daily, then you must try these flavored flosses. 

Tape Floss or Dental Tape

Tape floss is suitable for those who have widely spaced teeth. It’s thicker and broader than the traditional nylon floss and doesn’t fray or break easily. Its flat and smooth surface makes it easier to glide in and glide out between your teeth. 

Super Floss

Super floss is a special type of dental floss designed for those with bridges, wide teeth, braces, and implants. It has pre-cut segments with a piece of regular floss, spongy floss, and an end threader. It is not suitable for those with narrow teeth gaps. 

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