Thanksgiving Tooth Care Tips

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Nov 26 2020, 02:24 AM

Thanksgiving Tooth Care Tips

Thanksgiving is all about traditions; family and friends get together to celebrate gratitude, right? Did I miss something? Oh yes, it is also about Thanksgiving dinner, the important meal of the year.

So during this largest eating event, do not forget to be grateful for the wonderful set of teeth you have got, the main reason that you put out a wonderful and confident smile. No need to get carried away as one wrong step and negligence can cause deep trouble, especially in festivals like thanksgiving when you are surrounded by dishes, which can cause trouble for your oral hygiene. 

Let's discuss some of the tips to take good care of your teeth during thanksgiving. 

Calcium-rich dairy products

Dishes made of cheese are bound to stick to the thanksgiving table as they are everyone's favorite. Do not hesitate from having the delicious dairy products which are rich in calcium as they help in making your teeth strong. 

Say yes to veggies 

Vegetables are not at all boring as you think. They are rich in fiber, which helps in making the teeth and gums strong. Also, it also helps secrete more saliva during the process of chewing.

Water a perfect companion 

Regular intake of water is always good for health and especially after a meal. Because it prevents dehydration, kills the bacteria, and cleans the tooth. A good amount of water intake also prevents overeating, which keeps you healthy.

Sugar causes cavity

Sugar is the main source of cavities. Sweets and chocolates of all varieties are bound to be present during thanksgiving, which is irresistible; limit the intake of sugar items and make sure the sugar residues are washed away through gargling. 

Beverages result's stain on the tooth 

Having a chat with your family and friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine has its own fun. But be assured that you limit these beverages as they hold the potential of causing stains on your teeth.  

Yes, some of these Thanksgiving dinner food items can damage your teeth. So, with a little bit of care, make sure to protect your oral health.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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