Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Root Canal Treatments

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Nov 30 2019, 12:35 AM

Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Root Canal Treatments

Thanks to the continuous advancements in dentistry, improved techniques, and better services are now being offered to cater to the needs of every patient. However, despite this, there are still procedures that can make a patient feel hesitant and even scared; one example is a root canal treatment. Over the years, this particular dental treatment had developed a negative reputation despite being one of the most beneficial procedures; but, is there really something to fear? Let us at Flex Dental share with you some of the reasons why undergoing a root canal treatment is actually ideal, worth it, and nothing to be afraid of.

A root canal saves teeth

The goal of root canal treatment is to save an infected tooth from being extracted by getting rid of all the infected portions while keeping the structure intact. Teeth that have undergone this treatment usually last a lifetime—that is, if the patient observes proper oral care.

It may not actually hurt

The main concern of most patients with root canal treatments is the excruciating pain involved. However, according to a study conducted by the American Association of Endodontists, patients who undergo the procedure tend to describe it as painless. At Flex Dental, to make the dental experience more pleasant, we can provide sedation dentistry options like laughing gas, local anesthesia, or oral sedation. If local anesthesia is used, the patient is only likely to feel the prick of a needle and nothing else.

The dentist works with the patient

Dental professionals understand that despite knowing the processes involved, patients may still feel hesitant to undergo a root canal procedure. Dentists can do more than just give assurance; they can actually take measures to ensure a more comfortable dental experience if their patients openly communicate their worries.

Root canals are not as expensive as people think

Cost is one of the most common worries people have when it comes to dental procedures. Admittedly, root canal treatment does cost more than dental fillings, but that is because it requires more time and skills. However, when compared to the dental services a patient may need after delaying a root canal treatment like extraction and tooth restoration options, it is more cost-effective.

Post-procedure pain will disappear soon enough

Any patient would be worried about the possible pain involved after any procedures and during the recovery period. With root canal treatments, soreness can be experienced afterward, but this can be easily handled by over the counter painkillers. If a patient happens to be at risk of infection, the dentist may recommend them an antibiotic to avoid it.

Hopefully, the list we prepared above can help any patient feel confident and secure enough to take advantage of root canal treatment in the future to maintain their overall oral health.

Aiming to save your teeth from extraction? Make this possible by taking advantage of our Root Canal Treatment in Tampa, FL! Call or visit us to schedule your appointment with Flex Dental.

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