Protect Your Smile – Visit the Dentist Twice a Year! – Tampa, FL

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Feb 1 2019, 11:37 PM

Protect Your Smile – Visit the Dentist Twice a Year! – Tampa, FL

People invest in clean eating and a healthy diet to boost their general health – or maybe at least achieve their desired figure. Those who want to protect their overall oral health, on the other hand, are bound to do two primary things: visit the dentist every six months and practice good oral hygiene every day.

Here at Flex Dental, everyone is encouraged to see us in our dental clinic for regular checkups services. Our dentist highlights the benefits of dental exams, oral cancer screening, and professional teeth cleaning to a person’s oral health condition. These procedures are essential in halting complications that might compromise the teeth, mouth, and gums.

What can happen if a person fails to visit the dentist?

Gross things can arise if one will not take dental visits seriously.

Bad Breath

The goal of professional teeth cleaning is to eliminate the formation of plaque and calculus (tartar) in the mouth. These two types of particles are the main culprits of the unpleasant smell in the person’s mouth. If people neglect regular dental checkups, they are more likely to suffer from bad breath.

Gum Disease

Bacterial growth increases the likelihood of a person developing gum swelling and inflammations. These microorganisms can be eliminated through religious oral care routine and regular dental visits.

Yellow Smile

Many factors affect the aesthetics of the teeth. But whatever the culprit may be – whether the person’s intake of colorful beverages is high or they practice poor oral hygiene – can trigger discoloration. Regular teeth cleaning procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the pearly whites.

White Coated Tongue

Have you ever notice a white coating on top of your tongue? It might be due to bacteria build-up; this usually affects those who do not pay much attention to oral hygiene habits and routine visits.

These are just some of the many adverse effects of not complying with the regular dental checkups appointment. Other possible problems that might take place include cavities, tooth loss, abscesses, and other health-related issues. Be sure to book an appointment with us at Flex Dental to keep your smile protected.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Regular Dental Checkups in Tampa, FL. Book your appointment with us at Flex Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth! We are located at 310 S. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite #120, Tampa, FL 33609.

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