Pros & Cons of Permanent Dentures

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Dec 16 2021, 04:13 AM

Pros & Cons of Permanent Dentures

Replacing missing teeth can be done in a variety of ways. Permanent dentures, for example, are firmly attached to the jaw. These dentures are more convenient than detachable dentures and have additional advantages.

The first step in selecting which choice is ideal for you is to discuss your options with a specialist at Flex Dental in Tampa FL.

What Are Permanent Dentures?

These devices, also known as fixed dentures, are made up of artificial teeth placed in an acrylic framework and held in place by dental implants. Permanent dentures can be implanted as an overdenture (a fixed-removable alternative that fits over teeth or clicks into an implant) or completely fastened into an implant and are non-removable, depending on the design.

Temporary vs Permanent Dentures

Temporary dentures are frequently used when preparing for oral surgery or other dental treatments. They aid in securing the location for a dental implant and preventing neighboring teeth from shifting or crowding the space. These dentures may not always provide the optimum fit and may eventually need to be replaced with permanent dentures. 

Permanent dentures are designed to be worn for many years, assuming no changes to your mouth, and allow a better fit and greater comfort than temporary dentures. Permanent dentures require numerous office visits to achieve the ideal personalized fit. They are typically more expensive but provide greater durability and comfort. 

Advantages of Permanent Dentures

Fixed dentures are preferred over detachable dentures by the majority of people because they are more comfortable and convenient. They will not become misplaced or cause any issues while eating. Another benefit is that the teeth do not have to be removed for cleaning.

Removable dentures can occasionally cause your facial shape to sink over time. When your natural teeth are extracted, your jawbone may gradually shrink. Because permanent dentures are supported by implants, your face will look younger.

The Disadvantages of Permanent Dentures

Even though dental implant surgery is quite safe, getting permanent dentures still necessitates surgery. Any oral surgery can cause pain and discomfort during the healing process.

There is also a danger of infection or inflammation, so patients must be cautious when cleaning the implant site and notify their dentist right away if they experience any problems following the treatment.

Because they require surgery and dental implants, permanent dentures are much more expensive than standard dentures.

If you want to know if permanent dentures are ideal for you, contact Flex Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gubernick. For more information, call (813) 9991092 or visit us at 310 S Dale Mabry Hwy Suite#120, Tampa FL 33609.

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