Orthodontic Clear Aligners to Treat a Malocclusion

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Aug 27 2020, 05:58 AM

Orthodontic Clear Aligners to Treat a Malocclusion

Orthodontics is the specialized branch of dentistry that deals with treating a malocclusion. For many years now, metal braces were the go-to orthodontic appliances to bring the teeth to their ideal alignment. Though they are highly effective, their metallic look would leave a shabby appearance on the smile, which may lead to a lot of embarrassment. But, thanks to the advancements in dentistry, we now have clear aligners that are both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

What are clear braces?

Conventional metal braces are made from metal brackets and wires. They gently apply pressure on the teeth in the required direction and move them to their orthodontically right positions. On the other hand, clear braces are made from ceramic or clear plastic brackets that stay indistinguishable. Even the wires that run through them are made from tooth-colored material, allowing you to keep your orthodontic treatment discreet.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is currently one of the most technologically advanced orthodontic aligners, as it is backed by state-of-the-art technology. It is made from transparent plastic material that has shape memory, meaning it retains its shape and applies the same amount of pressure on the teeth throughout the course of treatment. Invisalign is especially helpful to teenagers, as they can confidently wear it to school or anywhere without feeling too conscious of their facial appearance.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

  • Invisalign is free of any metal components. This makes it almost entirely transparent and also eliminates the risk of getting injured due to any sharp corners or brackets.
  • Since Invisalign is a removable aligner, you may take it off whenever you have to brush the teeth, eat food, have a drink, play outdoor sports, etc.
  • There are no food restrictions with Invisalign. You can eat anything you wish to after removing the aligners. Just ensure to clean the teeth thoroughly before putting them back on.
  • Invisalign is known to be as effective as conventional metal braces with treating malocclusion. It can be used to treat cases of crowding, spacing, crossbite, underbite, overbite, open bite, etc.
  • With the technology supporting Invisalign, every step of treatment can be monitored closely using the software. This allows the dentist to keep a check on the alignment of the teeth and ensure they are moving in the right direction.

To know more about clear aligners, reach out to us on-call (813) 999-1092 or schedule an online consultation with Dentist in Tampa, FL, and we’ll be happy to guide you further.

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