How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Posted by Flex Dental on May 6 2023, 10:59 PM

How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It can be caused by many factors, from poor dental hygiene to underlying health problems. The best way to deal with bad breath is to prevent it. Here are a few tips,

Brush and Floss Regularly

Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice each day for two minutes each time while flossing a minimum of once daily to remove leftover food or plaque between teeth. When you brush and floss your teeth daily, food particles, bacteria, and other debris is removed from those tiny spaces in between each tooth. When these particles are left in place, they can cause bad breath by collecting and causing an unpleasant odor. By brushing twice and flossing once daily, you effectively clean the spaces between your teeth and gums and prevent bad breath from developing in the first place. 

Brush your tongue

The tongue can become home to bacteria that cause bad breath when it isn't cleaned properly. When brushing teeth, make sure to also brush the tongue and the roof of the mouth to remove odor-causing particles. A tongue scraper can also be used for this as well.

Avoid dry mouth

A dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva in the mouth. Saliva is very important because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria while also neutralizing acids produced by plaque. If your mouth is dry, it's easier for tooth decay to set in since your saliva cannot perform its function properly. In addition, dry mouth can also cause bad breath because it causes oral bacteria to breed at an accelerated rate. If you suffer from dry mouth, it's important to visit your dentist to discuss possible treatment options. In some cases, your doctor might recommend a special mouthwash, medication, or even gum chewing to keep your mouth moist throughout the day. You should also drink plenty of water and avoid beverages that dry out your mouth, such as coffee, sodas, and alcohol. If you're experiencing dry mouth due to medications you're taking, talk to your doctor to see if there are alternative treatments available.

Adjust your diet

A low-sugar diet can help minimize the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Certain foods and drinks can contribute to bad breath, including garlic, onions, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. If you are consuming any of these items, do so in moderation, and be sure to brush or rinse your mouth thoroughly after consumption. Replace them with fresh fruits and veggies for a healthier alternative that will still provide the nutrients and vitamins you need. You can also chew sugarless gum after eating to help clean away food particles and saliva.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, you should also be mindful of your snacking habits. Snacking throughout the day can create those "food traps" between teeth that are difficult to clear away by brushing alone. You should also be careful with dairy products. While they won't cause bad breath on their own, they can create an environment where odor-causing bacteria can grow. Rinsing with water after consuming these will help to counteract the effect they may have on your breath.

Regularly get a new toothbrush

Unfortunately, many people wear down their toothbrushes to the point where they are no longer effectively cleaning their teeth. A worn-down toothbrush isn't going to deep clean hard-to-reach places in your mouth. It will also likely struggle to take off plaque and tartar, which will continue to build up. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep a close eye on the condition of your toothbrush and replace it immediately once it starts to show signs of wear.

Schedule regular dental checkups

Visiting your dentist regularly can prevent bad breath from occurring in the first place. However, if you already have bad breath, visiting the dentist can help stop and prevent it from getting worse. Your dentist can inspect your mouth and diagnose any problems that may be causing your bad breath. Additionally, they can recommend products that can help treat it. For example, they may offer a prescription toothpaste that treats the problem. The treatment you undergo will depend on the cause of your bad breath.

If you experience chronic bad breath despite making efforts to prevent it, you should talk to a dentist right away. He or she can offer strategies to permanently get rid of bad breath.

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