Choosing the Best Mouth Guard to Protect the Teeth

Posted by FLEX DENTAL on Jun 30 2019, 02:26 AM

Choosing the Best Mouth Guard to Protect the Teeth

When playing sports, any good athlete secures the equipment they need in order to perform well. There is nothing wrong about being competitive; however, being too aggressive during a game may lead to injuries. That is why, aside from wearing knee or elbow pads and headgears, it is best to wear something that will protect the mouth against irreparable damage.

At Flex Dental, we know how competitive and active certain sports are, that is why we highly encourage patients to stay protected at all times. To make this possible, it is best to get an appliance to serve as a shield for the oral structures. However, not any mouthguard would do! It is essential for the patient to know how to pick the right appliance. So to assist, here are some pieces of information we prepared.

Types of Mouth Guards


This particular type of mouthguard is inexpensive and can be easily purchased in most sporting goods stores. However, despite these reasons, they are not a good choice for competitive athletes. The problem is, they follow the one size fits all concept that is never a good idea. This particular device can be too large or too small for a patient. As a result, instead of protecting the teeth, it can even lead to more damage and irritations.

Boil and bite

Like the former option, this appliance is also accessible to most athletes. Unlike stock mouth guards that come in one size, this particular option can be adjusted based on the oral structure of a particular patient. As its name implies, the material purchased needs to be heated. Once it is cool to the touch, the athlete would then bite and use their fingers to shape the mouth guard. Although it offers better fit and coverage of the mouth, the material used cannot provide sufficient protection.

Custom- fitted

Compared to the two other options presented above, this particular appliance is made with a dentist’s planning. The mouth guard is created based on the impressions taken from the patient to make sure that it would fit well to the patient. Aside from offering the perfect fit, the protection it provides for the teeth is undeniably much better than the other two. Due to the material used and the involvement of an experienced professional, patients can be more confident in the protection and comfort custom-made mouth guards provide.

Get added protection to your teeth while doing the things you love by getting Mouth Guards in Tampa, FL! Book your appointment with Flex Dental and let us custom-create the oral appliance for you. Visit us at 310 S. Dale Mabry Hwy., Suite #120, Tampa, FL 33609 to get started.

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